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Editing the Search Results Page Template (Administrators)

As part of editing a Display Template, you can choose the content and appearance of the Search Results Page.

To edit the Search Results Template:

  • Go to Manage Voyager > My Displays 
  • Select a Display Template and click Edit

  • You can configure Card/Map ViewTable View and Grid View. That allows you to customize the settings for each View separately
  • To edit the fields that appear in the Name and Display areas in Card/Map and Table views, click Edit to open the Select Fields dialog. (Grid View has no field display options)
  • Click Show Advanced Options to select framework elements for the page. Select Show Filters and Show Sort to display Filters and Sorting options on the Search Results Page - if you have customized the Filter and Sort pages, these need to be selected or those sections will not appear

Choosing Field Style

You can configure several options for Fields by clicking the arrow next to a Field name in the Select Fields dialog.

  • Choose how many Lines to Show for that field (1 to 5 or Any)
  • Hide the Label (uncheck to show)
  • Choose a Field Style
    • Default
    • String
    • HREF
    • HTML
    • Strip HTML


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