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Editing the Sort Template (Administrators)

As part of configuring a Display Template, you can choose the fields included in the Sort list as well as their relative precedence.

To Configure the Sort Template:

  • Go to Manage Voyager > My Displays > Display Templates
  • Click Sort to bring up the Field Selector:

  • To add a field to the sort list, click and drag it to the list on the right
  • To rearrange the sort order, click and drag filters up or down in the list
  • To remove a sort field, click the X next to its name
  • Click Save when you are done to return to the Edit Display Template Page

About Field Hydration

Field Hydration is measured as the percentage of records that have a value for a particular field. You can use this measure to see which fields would be more effective filters (high hydration values) and fields likely to be less effective (low hydration values).

To see the Field Hydration values, select a Saved Search under Test Field Hydration and click Run.

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