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Editing a Saved Search (Administrators)

 To Edit a Saved Search:

  • Go to Manage Voyager > My Displays > My Saved Searches
  • Click the Edit icon next to a Saved Search

You can edit the following aspects of a Saved Search (items marked below wih * are not editable, as they define the properties of the search):

  • Name and Description
  • Choose Federated Catalogs to include in the search
  • Select a Display Template
  • Change Permissions (to choose who can use the search)
  • Add or modify Labels

  • To change the Display Template, select a Template from the Display Settings drop-down
  • Click Save when you are done

Deleting a Saved Search

To delete a Saved Search:

  • Click the Delete icon next to its name
  • Click Yes to confirm you want to delete the Search
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