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Selecting Fields when Customizing a Display Template (Administrators)

Administrators can edit Display Templates to select the fields most relevant to their needs. All Templates can be customized, and each section of a Template (Search Results Page, Details Page, Filters and Sort) can be configured separately. When you are customizing a section of a Display Template, you may wish to use the Select Fields dialog to choose which fields will appear on the sections of a template.

Opening the Select Fields Dialog

Search Results Page Template

In the Search Results template:

  • Click Edit in the Name and Display Fields sections

Details Page Template

You can open the Select Fields dialog in two places on the Details Page template:

  • Click Add Summary Display Fields for the Summary Display
  • Click Edit for the Details Table

Filters Template

  • When you edit the Filters page template, it opens the Select Fields dialog directly.  You can also click the Advanced Tab to choose Federated Search options.

Sort Template

  • When you edit the Sort page template, it opens the Select Fields dialog directly.

Selecting Display Fields

In the Select Fields dialog: 

  • To add a field to the list of filters, click and drag it to the list on the right
  • Click Refresh reload the list of fields. 
  • To rearrange the filter order, click and drag filters up or down in the list
  • To remove a filter, click the X next to its name
  • Click Save when you are done to return to the Edit Display Template Page

Refreshing the Field List

Refreshing the Field List is important when new custom fields have been added to the index through Document Transformers and/or Metadata Extraction rules. 


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