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Silent Voyager Installation

Voyager is most commonly deployed in enterprise environments, where a silent installation via the command line is often a requirement. This allows for a Voyager installation to be included in an organization's devops pipeline.

Installing Voyager Silently


  1. 64-bit Voyager installation file (VoyagerServer_x64_with_jre-<version>.exe)
  2. Microsoft Windows Operating System
  3. Administative privileges on the installation server


There are three steps to installing Voyager silently: 

  1. Copy the Voyager Server installation package to the appropriate server
  2. Create a response file that contains parameters for installing Voyager
  3. Execute the Voyager install in Silent Mode

Installation Steps

  1. Copy VoyagerServer_x64_with_jre-<version>.exe to the server, preferably in a temp folder
  2. Create a new text file named response.varfile in the same temp folder
  3. Add the following contents to response.varfile and customize as needed:

    serviceAccount=NT AUTHORITY\\System
    sys.programGroupName=Voyager Search
  1. Execute the following command (this will install the software to C:\voyager and will create a new Windows service):

    VoyagerServer_x64_with_jre-<version>.exe -q -dir C:\voyager -Dinstall4j.detailStdout=true -varfile response.varfile

  2. Go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services and verify there is a Voyager service.
  3. Start the Voyager service
  4. Continue with configuration of Voyager

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