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Customizing the List of Processing Tasks

Administrators can selectively remove specific processing tasks from the Processing Task list. This allows control over which tasks are available to users.  For example, an administrator may want to remove the Move Files or Delete Files tasks to prevent changes in data content and location.  They may also want to restrict tasks only to download activities, such as Export Result List or Clip Data by Polygon.

Customizing the Processing Task List

You can remove and restore Processing tasks.

Removing Processing Tasks

  1. Go to the [VoyagerInstallDir]/App/py/processing directory 
  2. Create a folder in this directory to store the deleted task files (if you don't create copies of the task scripts, you will not be able to restore them without access to a separate Voyager instance).
  3. Go to [VoyagerInstallDir]/App/py/processing/tasks (this is where all the task files are located)  
  4. For each task to be removed, move both the python (.py) and compiled python (.pyc) files to the folder you created in Step 2, for example add_field.py and add_field.pyc.
  5. Go to to [VoyagerInstallDir]/App/py/processing/info
  6. For each task to be deleted, move its associated .info.json file to the backup folder you created in Step 2. For example, for the Add Field task, move the file add_field.info.json. IMPORTANT: The backup folder cannot be inside the /info directory - see Step 2.
  7. Go to the Voyager's REST API at [VoyagerURL/api/rest/docs]
  8. Click /process

  9. Click POST for the /process/tasks/refresh entry
  10. Click Try it out!
  11. The Response body will display "available": true, for each processing task that was not removed

  12. Go back to the Voyager Home Page
  13. If there are no items in the Cart, add one or two for testing (Processing tasks are only available when there are items in the Cart)
  14. Click the Cart icon
  15. Click Select Task to load the Task list
  16. Verify that only the tasks you selected are present in the task list

Restoring Deleted Tasks

To restore tasks that were removed:

  1. For each task you wish to restore, copy the (.py) and compiled python (.pyc) files from the backup folder to [VoyagerInstallDir]/App/py/processing/tasks
  2. Copy the .info.json file from the backup folder to [VoyagerInstallDir]/App/py/processing/info
  3. Follow steps 8-17 from the previous section
  4. The restored tasks should appear in the task list

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