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Configuring the Natural Language Processing Extension

After you have downloaded and installed the NLP Python libraries, you can configure the NLP Service in Voyager's Management UI.

Enabling or Disabling the NLP Service

To enable or disable the NLP Service:

  1. Go to Manage Voyager > Extensions > Natural Language Processing
  2. Make sure that NLP Service Status is Online; if it is not, click Start
  3. The NLP service is now available for use

Testing the NLP Service

To test to see if the service is running:

  1. Enter text in the Test with Text or enter the URL of a Wikipedia article

  2. Click Run Test
  3. If the test is successful, Voyager will display output similar to:

Configuring the NLP Service Port

If you need to change the port used by the NLP Service:

  1. Click the Configure button

  2. Enter a new port number
    IMPORTANT: Make sure that the new port number you enter is not already being used
  3. Click Save


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