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Create a List - Saved Search

Creates a list as a saved search of items in the cart. To create a new List - Saved Search:

  1. Click the down arrow next to the number of items in the cart
  2. Select New Task
  3. In the Voyager Tools section, choose Create a List - Saved Search

  4. Choose whether to Create a new saved search or Overwrite an existing saved search from the Use cart content to: drop-down menu

  5. Enter a name for a new Saved Search or select the name for an existing Saved Search, depending on your choice.

  6. Click the Permissions box to choose which Groups will be able to use the Saved Search.  

  7. Click Run Task
  8. If the task is successful, Voyager displays a confirmation message

Usage Tips

  • A search name is always required 
  • If you choose Create a new saved search and enter the name of an existing Saved Search,  Voyager will display an error:

  • In that case, View Task Log displays the following message:

  • Select a new name and try to save the search again

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