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Downloading and Installing Voyager Software

Follow these steps to download and install your software.

1. Download Your Software

Go to Voyager Search's Customer Portal and login to download your software.

2. Run the Installation Program

Double-click the executable and the installation wizard guides you through the necessary steps.

Note: You might receive a Windows security warning specifying that the application’s publisher is Unknown. This message is safe to ignore.

3. Accept the License Agreement

Read the terms of the Licensing Agreement and check the first button to indicate agreement.

4. Choose Installation Location

In most cases, you should choose the default location.


  • In Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, UAC (User Account Control) does not allow installing software to protected system locations like C:\ Program Files. If you are running Windows Vista or later, you will need to install in a different directory, for example D:\Voyager.
  • Voyager periodically writes information to the installation location.  Make sure that you have enough available disk. The amount of disk space you will need is dependent on the size of the index that Voyage generates.  (Voyager does not copy any data files; it only creates an index that references the data, whether local or remote).

5. Install the ArcMap Toolbar (optional)

If you choose to register the Voyager ArcMap Toolbar was selected, the Voyager Tools Installer is displayed. Click Install Add-In to finish.

6. Complete setup and click Finish. 

When installation is complete, the Voyager setup wizard starts.

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