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Downloading NLP Python Libraries

Voyager's standard installation includes the Natural Language Processing (NLP) extension, but you will need to download a separate Python library before you can use NLP with your data.

Downloading the NLP Python Library

To download the Python library for NLP:

  1. Go to the Voyager Customer Portal and Log in
  2. On the Download tab select Released Software

  3. In the Product drop-down list, choose Voyager NLP
  4. Click Download Installer to download the Python zip file (VoyagerNLP-1.9.9.zip)
  5. When the download is complete, unzip VoyagerNLP-1.9.9.zip
  6. Copy the app folder from the unzipped VoyagerNLP-1.9.9.zip and paste to your Voyager installation directory, for example, C:\Voyager\server_1.9.9

After you have downloaded and installed the Python library, you can:

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