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Enabling Security Integration with Windows Permissions

By default, Voyager does not integrate with Windows Permissions or Enterprise Access Control Lists (ACL)s. Before you can use ACLs  as filters, you need to first enable indexing of the ACL information itself.

Enabling Security Integration

To enable filtering using Access Control Lists:

  • Go to Manage Voyager > Security > Access

  • There are three options for filtering based on Windows permissions:
    • Filter search results from folder locations using Windows permissions
    • Filter search results from ArcGIS Server using Windows permissions
    • Filter search results from Portal for ArcGIS using Windows permissions
  • Once you have selected one of these choices, a Locations link appears.  
  • Click Locations to go to the Locations page
  • Select a Location of the appropriate type (Folder, ArcGIS Server or Portal for ArcGIS)
  • Follow the instructions in the article Filtering Search Results using Windows Permissions


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