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Error attaching this container for rendering: [MarkupContainer [Component id = spot]]

The following error may occur when using Voyager's Management pages:


  1. Stop Voyager
  2. Go to the [Install Dir]\data\config directory
  3. Make a copy of the security.dex file as a backup and save it in a different location
  4. Delete the existing security.dex
  5. Restart Voyager (this creates a new security.dex file)
  6. Login using internal authentication (default should be set to admin/admin)
  7. Re-register the AD groups 


  • If you have not saved your list of AD groups, you can use a tool such as PsGetSid to recover null group names from SIDs in the backup copy of the security.dex file
  • You may need to re-associate Saved Searches with Invalid Display Templates with valid Display Templates



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