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Error: esri - Unable to load ArcGIS Worker

This is a permissions error that Voyager displays when no Esri extractors are available, which in turn is caused by the lack of a valid ArcGIS license.

Troubleshooting the Error

Verify that Voyager can check out an Esri license 

  1. Go to Manage Voyager > Settings > ArcGIS
  2. Voyager displays the status of Esri licenses in the License pane

  3. For checked-out valid licenses, Voyager displays esriLicenseCheckedOut on the Status line
  4. For invalid licenses, Voyager displays esriLicenseNotLicensed on the Status line

Verify that Esri extractors are available

  1. Go to Manage Voyager > Discovery > Formats
  2. Click Extractors at the bottom of the list at the right 

  3. Voyager shows a list of all extractors

  4. Available extractors show a green check mark
  5. Unavailable extractors show a red X
  6. In the example above, none of the Esri extractors are available

Further Steps

  • With ArcGIS Desktop, the Voyager service must be run by an ADMIN user to access any ArcGIS capabilities (not just a system user with access to ArcMap)
  • Check if a 32-bit ArcGIS package is installed, which can cause issues with a 64-bit Voyager process/service
  • Confirm that the license isn't already being used by another ArcGIS client application
  • Confirm that the license has been correctly initialized  


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