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Adding a Solr Repository in HQ

HQ can not only index many different types of data sources, it can also index an existing Solr index. This incorporates a new Solr index into the existing Index. To add the contents of a remote Solr index:

  1. Go to HQ > Repositories
  2. Click Add New
  3. Select Database
  4. Click Next
  5. Choose Solr Search Index from the Database Type drop-down menu
  6. Enter the details for the Solr index in the dialog that appears

  • Solr URL
    Enter the URL of a Solr server
  • Collection
    Enter the name of the Solr collection to index. When this is a Voyager index this defaults to v0.
  • v0
    Enter the location of a Voyager Solr Index
  • Fields
    Enter a comma-separated list of fields to fetch from Solr (the Solr fl query parameter)
  • Filters
    Enter a comma-separated list of filters to apply to Solr query fetching content (the Solr fq query parameter)
  • Parameters
    Enter any additional parameters to apply to the Solr query in query string format, ie. param1=value2&m2=value2&...
  • Page Size
    Enter number of documents to fetch from Solr in a single request (default value is 1000)
  • ID Field
    Enter the name of the field in the remote Solr index to treat as a unique identifier. If the remote Solr index is a Voyager index this defaults to id
  • Name Field
    Enter the name of the field in the remote Solr index to treat as a name. If the remote Solr index is a Voyager index this defaults to name
  • Remap Location
    This flag controls how to handle documents in the remote Solr index that have a location field. When this is set, the remote value will be overwritten with the local value (this is the default). 
  • Index Directly
    This flag controls whether to skip the standard pipeline when indexing documents from the remote Solr index. When this is set, documents will be copied directly into the local Solr index. Direct Indexing mode is faster than indexing through the Voyager pipeline but disregards any pipeline logic (unless Apply Pipeline is set, see below).
  • Apply Pipeline
    This flag applies in Direct Indexing mode (see previous setting). When this is set, the pipeline logic is partially applied to indexed documents. This includes pre-pipeline steps, document transformers, and post-pipeline steps but not other aspects of the pipeline. While this adds overhead to indexing documents, it is still faster than indexing in non-direct mode.
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