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Customizing Server and Indexing Settings in the Install Wizard

When you are installing Voyager Server 2.0, you can configure custom server settings as well as Indexing and Gazetteer settings. After you enter your license in the install wizard, you will see the following page:

Server Settings

You can customize your Server's name as well as specify the URL for the Server

  • Server Name
  • Server URL
    (Note that this must be a unique address)

Indexing Settings

There are four indexing settings that also appear in the Manage UI, but are gathered here for convenience:

  • Use "More Like This" indexing feature
    This feature offers a quick way to identify similar records in search results. Note: this may increase the index size by 15%. For more information, see More Like This - Finding Similar Records in Search Results.
  • Store full text
    This setting stores all of the text in the text field so that it is available for other features, such as More Like This
  • Store geometry
    This option stores the full geometric description of the extent of each record. Adding a full geometric description provides more accuracy in a spatial search, but may take up more space and increases the physical size of the index. See Saving Full Geometry Information in the Index for more details about storing geometry vs storing a bounding box.
  • Store bounding box
    This stores a rectangle enclosing the extent of each record. 

Gazetteer Options

For the Gazetteer, choose whether to Load administrative boundaries for states and provinces, if this is relevant to your particular data set.

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