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Quick Guide to Customizing Server and Indexing Settings

This is a quick guide to some useful settings that are also available during installation:

Custom Names

How do I customize the Server Name and URL for Voyager?

  • Give a custom name to Voyager Server
  • Assign a custom URL

See Customizing Voyager Server's Name and URL for more information

Index Settings

How do I allow users to see similar documents?

  • Enable More like this (ENABLED by default)
    This feature offers a quick way to identify similar records in search results. Note: this may increase the index size by 15%.
  • Enable storing of full text (DISABLED by default)
    This setting stores all of the text in the text field so that it is available for other features, such as More Like This

See More Like This - Finding Similar Records in Search Results for more information

Geometry Settings

How do I store geometry and/or bounding boxes to use in searches?

  • Enable storing full geometry (ENABLED by default)
    This option stores the full geometric description of the extent of each record.
  • Enable storing a bounding box (ENABLED by default)
    This stores a rectangle enclosing the extent of each record

See Saving Full Geometry Information in the Index for more information 

Gazetteer Options

How do I load administrative boundaries for states and provinces to use in searches? (DISABLED by default)

  1. Go to Manage > Settings > Gazetteer
  2. Click Enable next to States and Provinces
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