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Managing ArcGIS Settings

Voyager requires an ArcGIS license for indexing or processing Esri data. Voyager checks out an ArcGIS license when:

  • adding ESRI locations
  • indexing Esri formats
  • Voyager starts
  • loading Manage > Settings > ArcGIS page
  • loading /manage/#/discovery/extractor/ page

To view the current ArcGIS licenses Voyager has checked out:

  1. Go to Manage Voyager > Settings > ArcGIS
  2. Voyager displays the status of Esri licenses in the License pane:


  3. For checked-out valid licenses, Voyager displays esriLicenseCheckedOut on the Status line
  4. For invalid licenses, Voyager displays esriLicenseNotLicensed on the Status line
  5. If there are multiple valid licenses, you can check Use Lower Products First and Voyager will checkout a Basic license first, followed by more advanced licenses
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