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Finding Similar Documents in Search Results

Voyager 2.0 makes it much easier to find similar documents in the search results using the Similar Documents and More Like This? features. The two terms refer to the same feature, but are used in different places in the Navigo UI:

  • More Like This? looks for records similar to a specific item in the Search Results page
  • Similar Documents shows documents similar to an item on its Details Page 

Voyager can also use a different feature, Query Expansion, to find additional relevant documents by including search terms similar to the search keyword(s) you enter for a query. More Like This? and Similar Documents both operate on search results, whether or not an expanded query was used in the search itself.

Enabling More Like This? and Similar Documents

There are two steps to enable More Like This? and Similar Documents:

  • Edit Voyager.vmoptions in the [install dir]\app directory so that Voyager indexes additional information required for More Like This? and Similar Documents
  • Enable More Like This in Manage UI

Editing Voyager.vmoptions

To edit Voyager.vmoptions:

  1. Go to  [install dir]\app directory and open Voyager.vmoptions in a suitable text editor
  2. Add the following text to the file:

An example is shown below.

# The Maximum Memory

# The discovery will use 5 ports, starting with the configured port.
-Dport.discovery=8900 # In this case: 8900,8901,8902,8903,8904

# Directories

# for More LIke This -Dvoyager.index.fulltext.termVectors=true -Dvoyager.index.Storetext=true

Enabling More Like This?

To enable More Like This:

  1. In the Manage UI, go to Settings > Appearance

  2. Check the box next to More like This
  3. Click Save

Using More Like This and Similar Documents

  • On the Search Results page, click the down arrow next to Tools and select More Like This. Voyager then displays other records similar to the one you chose

  • On the Details page for a record, Similar Documents are displayed at the bottom of the page

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