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Replacing the Voyager Logo in Navigo

There are many settings in the Manage UI to configure the appearance of the Navigo UIYou can also replace the Voyager logo at the top left of the Navigo Window with another image. An example is shown below.

To change the logo:

  1. Create a public directory in Voyager's data folder. The data folder may not necessarily be in the default location ([install dir]\data), as it may require more storage space. For example, it may be similar to:


  2. Create a replacement image as a .png file and save it as header.png. For best results, it should be 250 pixels wide by 70 pixels high (the same as the default image)
  3. Reload the Navigo page. It may be necessary to clear the browser cache, but restarting Voyager is not required.



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