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Installing and Configuring Voyager HQ

In Vose, HQ can employ one or more Agents to speed up indexing. An instance of HQ can be connected to multiple agents, however any Agent can  only be connected to a one HQ. HQ requires the presence of Voyager Server for displaying search results, processing and management tasks, especially security.

Installing Voyager HQ

This section is a detailed step-by-step description of Voyager HQ installation and configuration.

To install Voyager HQ:

  1. Double-click the installer and follow the steps in the Wizard
  2. When the installation completes, click Run HQ
  3. When HQ starts, enter your License Key 

  4.  Click Next and enter connection information for Voyager Server

  5. Click Next 
  6. The installer shows a success message if the install succeeded


By default, HQ is configured to run on port 8100. 

 Configuring Voyager HQ

HQ manages the configuration of Repositories, Pipelines and HTTP Client

  1. Adding Repositories is described in this article
  2. Configuring Pipelines is described in this article
  3. Configuring HTTP Client is described in this article
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