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Error: Resource Limit Exceeded on Discovery Status Page

Under certain circumstances, Voyager may display the following message during data indexing (extraction):

Resource Limit Exceeded (stopping processes)

What Does this Message Mean?

This means that Voyager has exceeded its configured resource limits. As long as this situation persists, it will stop currently running processes after they complete (or kill them after a period of unresponsiveness) and the number of Pending items will increase to reflect how many items still need to be indexed.

It does not mean that the overall indexing process has crashed or has stopped, only that Voyager is managing its resources to stay within the specific limits that have been configured. 

Increasing Resource Limits

In many cases, the solution is to increase the resource limits to To increase resource limits:

  1. Stop the Voyager Service
  2. Go to Manage Voyager > Discovery > Discovery Configuration, shown below:

  3. Adjust the settings as appropriate, given your particular deployment and resource availability. You can adjust:
    Target CPU - the upper limit for CPU usage
    Target RAM - the upper limit for RAM usage
    Process Count - the number of concurrent processes that Voyager will use to index the data
  4. Restart Voyager

Additional Strategies to Avoid Exceeding Resource Limits

The simplest way to prevent this situation from occurring is to increase the RAM and CPU limits and increase the number of processes that Voyager can run concurrently.  If this is not possible, you can modify other aspects of your indexing strategy.  For example, you can:

  • Index a single location at a time (if practical)
  • Adopt a less resource-intensive Thumbnail generation strategy (typically the least intensive strategy is to not generate any thumbnails, but that may not be suitable for a particular environment and data set). See Configuring Discovery - Thumbnails for more information about different approaches to generating Thumbnails.
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