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Saved Search Subscriptions

The Saved Search Subscription feature allows users to receive notifications when new content is added to a Saved Search.

SMTP Server

In order to receive notifications, a SMTP server must be configured in HQ. The configured server will be responsible for sending notifications when necessary. Presets are available on the SMTP server page to allow for quick and easy setup for various providers.

Date Range Filter

In order to make the subscription feature easier to use, we've added an optional relative date range filter. To use this feature, a user must alter the filter settings for the desired display configuration by setting the field style to range for the desired date field or fields.

After this has been completed, the user will now be able to use relative dates when searching for documents. Only documents containing the specified date field with a value within the specified time frame will be returned. The filter accepts a numerical value and a unit, either minutes, hours, days, months, or years.

Saved Search Subscription

When a user goes about creating a Saved Search and HQ has an SMTP server configured, they will have the option to subscribe to the Saved Search. When subscribing to a Saved Search, the email and frequency with which a user would like to receive notifications is required. The frequencies for which an email can be sent out if new content is added to a Saved Search is minutely, hourly, or daily.

Once configured and set, an email will be sent out to all subscribers when new documents are added to a Saved Search. The email will detail how many new documents there are, which Saved Search has triggered the notification, and a link to see the latest results.




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