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Searching with a Custom Gazetteer

Searching with the Gazetteer 

Another use of a custom gazetteer is to enhance place finding capabilities in Voyager. With Navigo it is possible to specify a place name to define the search extent. Place names are resolved with a component of Voyager known as the Placefinder. In this section we will connect the Placefinder to the custom gazetteer.

To search with the custom gazetteer:

  1. Go to Manage Voyager > Settings > Placefinder
  2. Temporarily disable the Esri geocoding service by changing True to False under the  This is done because the service is capable of resolving names that overlap with the country and state names in the custom gazetteer.
  3. Save the placefinder settings.

Next open the Navigo search interface and do a placename search for “California”. The expected result is no search results because we just disabled the Esri geocoding service.


Go back to the placefinder settings and add the configuration to enable placefinding with the custom gazetteer:

    "type": "Tagger",
    "name": "gazetteer",
    "tag": {
    "custom": {
       "enabled": true,
       "url": "http://<YourVoyagerServerURL>/solr/v0",
       "tagField": "fst_tag_name"

After saving the placefinder settings return to Navigo and re-execute the “California” search. This time it should yield results as the name “California” was resolved by the custom gazetteer.


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