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Enabling Voyager's Search Suggestions

When you are searching your index, Voyager 2.0 can offer suggestions based what you've typed in the What are you looking For? field. To find suggestions, Voyager uses one or more fields as Dictionaries (Name by default). When enabled, the suggestions appear in a list below the search field. 

Enabling Suggestions

To enable Suggestions:

  1. Go to Index > Query Settings > Query Suggestions in the Manage UI
  2. Check the box next to Query Suggestion

  3. The default Dictionary is based on the Name field
  4. Click Build to build a dictionary
  5. To remove a dictionary, click Remove
  6. To add another field, use the Specify Dictionaries field - enter search text and then select a field from the list.

  7. When you are done, return to Navigo, enter some text in the What are you looking for? box and choose one of the suggested entries to start a new search


In certain uncommon circumstances, selecting one of the suggestions may return results that do not match the suggested search term. If this occurs, there are two options:

Delete and restore the Name dictionary

  1. Go to Index > Query Settings > Query Suggestions 
  2. Click Remove next to the Name entry
  3. Use the Specify Dictionaries box to restore Name
  4. Click Rebuild to recreate the Name dictionary

Select a different field to use as a dictionary

A good alternative choice is the Title field

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