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Voyager Search and Open Source

Voyager and Open Source 

At the heart of the Voyager platform is Lucene, the most advanced and widely used open-source search engine available today, and Apache SOLR, the blazingly fast search service on top of Lucene.

Additional Open Source projects we support include:

  • Apache TIKA and Apache Manifold, which give a framework for extracting text from a huge number of file formats and content management systems

  • Libraries, such as GDAL/OGR and GeoTools, which provide the engine that allows Voyager to extract a rich amount of spatial information from files being indexed

  • Our reliable and scalable indexing pipeline, Voyager uses the ZeroMQ library for messaging and distributed processing

  • Our Open Source geotagger is called Opensextant, and our maps are based on Leaflet

  • Voyager's user interfaces are built with the best-of-breed open source JavaScript libraries such as Bootstrap and AngularJS to provide a clean and responsive user experience.

  • Voyager's processing framework is built on the Python language and utilizes a number of open source libraries, such as GDAL and OGR, to deliver content to users

  • We also support open standards like OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) and FGDC (Federal Geographic Data Committee) as well as many ISO standards

  • Voyager can return stored spatial data as GeoJSON

  • Finally, our user interface, Navigo, is open source. It works well for many customers as is, but it can be extended by to meet specific requirements
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