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Managing Index Snapshots


In Voyager Search version 1.9.9, the Backup and Restore functionality has been replaced by Snapshots. Similar to Backup and Restore, you can create and import Index Snapshots.  A Snapshot is a zipped copy of the Index information in the [InstallDir]\data\indexV2\v0] directory. You can create a Snapshot from the entire Index or from a saved search. However a Snapshot is more than just the Index - it captures the state of the Index at a specific time, and can include additional information including:

  • Saved searches

  • Security settings

  • Display configuration

  • Appearance settings (Navigo)

  • Indexing settings

  • Discovery settings

  • Metadata (Thumbnails)

You can import Snapshots that you have created as well as Snapshots generated on other Voyager installations. For more information, see:

Managing Snapshots

The Snapshot List shows all of the currently available Snapshots in the Voyager backups folder.

In the Snapshot List, you can Apply, Download or Delete Snapshots.

    • Apply - you can either Merge the Snapshot with the Index or you can completely Replace the Index with the contents of the Snapshot.
      • Replace Index - (Cannot be undone)  - Replaces the current index with the contents of the Snapshot.
      • Merge (Cannot be undone) - Merges the Snapshot into the current index. 
        • DO NOT merge a snapshot if there are users actively searching the index
        • DO NOT merge a snapshot if Voyager is actively indexing content repositories
    • Download (Cannot be undone) - Downloads a Snapshot from a server or shared net resource
    • Delete (Cannot be undone) - Removes it from the Snapshot list and removes it from the backups directory

IMPORTANT: Deleting, Importing and Merging Snapshots CANNOT BE UNDONE

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