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"More Like This" Enhancement

More Like This is a feature that looks for records similar to a specific item. It does this by using terms from the original document to find similar documents in the index. By default, this feature uses all the text fields of the original document (stored in the fulltext field), which might not always be the best option. The More Like This feature was enhanced by allowing users to customize the query by setting what fields should be used or what weight each field should have or any of the other dozens of additional parameters. The More Like This settings can be found in the Saved Search settings.


More Like This utilizes Solr’s robust search abilities. When a user wants to find similar documents based on the ‘format’ and ‘name’ fields while prioritizing the name, we can customize the query by setting qf parameter. This “find similar” query would look like this:

qf=”title name^2”, mintf=1

The qf parameter specifies the fields to use for similarity and their boosts and the mintf parameter specifies the “minimum term frequency”, or the frequency below which terms will be ignored in the source document (default is 3). Once you select More Like This from the Search Result page or from the Details page, you can see similar documents as well as the “find similar” query in the search box:

For detailed description of all the available parameters, see the Solr documentation at https://solr.apache.org/guide/6_6/morelikethis.html .



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