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Vose 1.0 Release Notes

Introducing Vose

Vose 1.0 is the new all-encompassing Voyager software suite. Vose builds on our previous Voyager’s core features to deliver a decentralized, highly scalable solution that has been designed from the ground up. Featuring two entirely new applications (HQ and Agents), more machine learning and AI capabilities, the Flex Index to support large-scale deployments and all of the capabilities in the existing Voyager Server licenses, Vose has been developed to allow customers to index more data and to do it faster. By separating resource-intensive processes, deployments at scale have become far more efficient.

What's Included?

The three main elements of Vose are HQ, Agents and the Flex Index.


HQ is the new central control panel application for managing repositories, Agents and indexing, including a new Pipeline framework.


Agents are remote indexing entities that can be controlled and managed from HQ. Agents allow administrators to deploy Voyager’s powerful indexing capability on remote locations so that documents don’t have to be transferred or opened remotely to be indexed. Only the indexed record is sent back to the Voyager index.

Flex Index

The Flex Index, based on SolrCloud, comes with built-in fail-over and load-balancing. In the Flex Index, data is organized into multiple logical pieces, or shards, that can be hosted on multiple machines. The coordinated and distributed nature of the Flex Index makes it possible to use massive data sets.

Flex Index Features:

  • Multi Node Cluster Deployment
  • Built-in replication
  • Built-in failover
  • Support for deployments of billions of records and thousands of simultaneous requests

Additional Improvements

Navigo UI

Our end user interface has been updated with new features that allow users to more easily discover the data they need. Improvements include:

  • Optional Taxonomy display
  • Improved tools management
  • Streamlined search bar
  • New Summary search results display

Smarter Spatial Search

Smarter Search features include:

New Pricing Model

In addition to changes in the software, Vose is also moving to a subscription-based licensing model. This new pricing offers all of our product capabilities in a format that provides you with a more predictable cost and the freedom to customize and change your solution to fit your needs. Costs are based on the number of documents to be indexed and the number of indexing agents required for any deployment. Licensing also includes non-production software to replicate your index at no-cost. Existing users should talk to their account representative about making the transition from perpetual licenses to Vose.


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