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Vose 1.1 and Server 2.1 Release Notes

About This Release

Voyager Search is excited to announce the release of our latest iteration of our newest product, Vose, and updates to Voyager Server. This release features improvements to the indexing process and indexing pipeline, and a number of new connectors in Vose as well as a number of improvements to Server.

Server 2.1 Updates

We’ve updated the way we show exact duplicates. Improvements to Duplicate Data Report and Display Template include:

  • A new tabular presentation that groups together the MD5 hashes of the documents so that users can see what clusters of the duplicate documents together — even if they have different names or come from different locations
  • A new processing task that generates a duplicate data report complete with a calculation of the number of duplicate records and the percentage of the index that are duplicates

We’ve corrected an issue with the ArcMap Integration.

  • Open in ArcMap was experiencing problems with layer files

Vose 1.1 (HQ 1.1 and Agent 1.1) Updates

Improvements to the indexing pipeline include:

  • “Enable” or “Disable” option for various configuration options
  • Option to create thumbnails using web services
  • Date displays on the UI

The index process has been updated to allow Admins to have better control over their indexing. Admins can now:

  • View indexing status
  • Start and stop scans
  • Pause and stop extractions
  • View individual worker/extractor statuses

We’ve also added a number of new improvements that allow Admins to more easily manage repositories. These include:

  • An edit option to reconfigure repositories without having to start the “Add Repo” workflow from scratch
  • View repository contents before indexing
  • The ability to add multiple repositories using the same FTP/SFTP server
  • A new ArcGIS Map Service or Feature Service Connector which allows users to index service records (similar to Database Advanced Connected from Server)
  • LIST repositories can now be added on HQ

Classification banners

  • Users can now add classification banners to HQ and Agent instances and have the ability to style these banners

We’ve updated two new connectors in Vose 1.1:

  • Digital Globe Connector (available as a custom connector)
  • Updates to S3 connector

Additionally, we’ve also added the following improvements:

  • Improved indexing support for seismic data type: extents of SEGY and ZGY files extracted offer better spatial search support for this data type
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