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Vose 1.2.2 and Server 2.2.2 Release Notes

About This Release

February 27, 2020

Voyager Search is happy to announce the release of our latest version of Vose and updates to Voyager Server. This release includes: 

Server 2.2.2 

The following updates were made to Voyager’s processing framework:

  • Improvements in using date range queries to select cart items
  • Updates to the way format names are displayed on the My Cart pages

The following updates were made to Navigo map settings: 

  • Usability improvements when using cached map tiles
  • Saved Search settings that allow users to save heat-map settings 
  • Fix for an issue that was preventing heatmaps from updating when new facets were applied to queries 

This release also rolled back format categorization changes implemented in version 2.1 that were causing indexed files to be improperly classified under the Formats facet. 

Vose 1.2.2 (HQ 1.2.2 and Agent 1.2.2) 

The following was updated in HQ: 

  • Duplicate thumbnail and missing paths issue when using Esri extractor to index FileGDB data has been resolved
  • Issues related to Python download failing to extract during HQ installation and setup have been fixed
  • Configuration settings that were causing python service failures have been resolved
  • Resolution of an issue with excessive WARN messages in log files when extracting Esri data
  • A connection issue between HQ and remote Agents that prevented repositories from loading on the Agent side and Agents from appearing on the HQ page have been fixed
  • A fix for an indexing issue that failed to extract ACL and extended file attributes despite pipeline settings being turned ON

Improvements to HQ include: 

  • Customizations that allow Voyager admins to select and specify python environments
  • Enhancements to exclusion settings that allow exclusion of files from the indexing pipeline based on values in metadata fields
  • A new pipeline step that geotags documents by extracting embedded coordinates from its text
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