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Vose 1.4 and Server 2.4 Release Notes

About This Release

October 8, 2020

Voyager Search is happy to announce the release of our latest version of Vose and updates to Voyager Server. This release includes: 

Major new features: 

Notification system for Saved Search updates 

  • Immediate notifications of new items that help users be the first to know when an item is added to the catalog. This new notification system is integrated with the Saved Search feature allowing users to stay updated on content related to their saved searches. This feature allows users to configure email notifications when updates are made or new content is added and/or indexed.

Metrics dashboard feature 

  • We’ve added a graphical performance monitor for viewing real time indexing statistics. This new feature provides two displays for scan, extract, and indexing metrics: Live and Historic. The Live display shows real-time metrics for main processes. The Historic display shows metrics for a selected date range.

Indexing support for Microsoft Outlook PST files 

  • PST are Outlook data files used to store local copies of messages, calendar events, and other items. We’ve added indexing support that not only indexes .pst files, but also adds linkages between emails and their .pst files. This feature also extracts field names and values and displays them in a user-friendly way.

Indexing triggers 

  • We've extended the indexing framework to allow pre- and post-processing configurations to allow users to ensure that the system is in a desirable state prior to or after running an indexing process. These settings are applied to individual pipelines and allow users to set up triggers before or after repository indexing. Examples of "Before" or “Pre-indexing” triggers include setting log file configuration, updating mapping files, and running utility tasks before indexing jobs. Examples of “After” or “Post-indexing” triggers include reporting indexing errors, cleanup post-indexing, etc.

Cloud indexing improvements

  • We’ve also made improvements to S3 indexing to handle larger file sizes and indexing of larger file volumes. Improved implementation of cloud connectors to make it more scalable and to accommodate larger numbers of files and complex folder structures. 

Additional improvements made to:


  • Improvements that will help users navigate and interact with search results more quickly and smoothly 
  • Navigo page size as a configurable option 
  • Support for text queries > 254 characters 


  • Improvements for configuring and managing repositories and indexing settings
  • Worker log files for automatic clean up of old files and timestamps for newly logged messages 
  • Improvement in support for ESRI Grid files 
  • Temp file clean up for python, jam, and certain .pdf files
  • Improvements made to reduce Voyager’s CPU usage 
  • Pipeline steps to log the time required to execute pipeline stages, including the total time for extraction and processing items before inserting them into the index
  • Added support for ArcGIS 10.8
  • Schema-only indexing for database connector 
  • Temp file clean up for shorter intervals 

Bug fixes include:


  • Fix for navigation download not working for component files 
  • Placefinder errors 


  • Fix for issue with Windows Secret Identifiers not getting extracted 
  • Errors with OCR indexing 
  • Issues with scheduled tasks not getting kicked off 

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