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Voyager Search 1.9.12 Release Notes

About This Release

Voyager 1.9.12 is here! This release includes our new Analytics Extension. Voyager Analytics allows administrators to explore and visualize data in a variety of ways, including the distribution of record type by location or the top 10 data categories for a specific saved search.

Analytics also allows admins to see how users are interacting with data – which records are the most used, downloaded or opened – as well as tracking user likes and dislikes for specific data records.

Visualize your analyses with easy-to-create charts, including bar charts, line charts and pie charts. Admins can customize the content and appearance of a chart and even share it with other users.

Read more about Voyager Analytics here.

Head over to the Community Portal to download 1.9.12 now.

Here are some examples of the kinds of chart you can create:

Pie Chart

Bar Chart

Area Chart

Additional Improvements

Every new version of Voyager has fixes and improvements.  Here are some from the version 1.9.12 release:

  • Fixed an issue where the presence of a previous discovery.dex file was preventing geodatabase indexing
  • Added an option to show whether a record is within or intersecting  a specified geometry during indexing
  • Index Snapshots now preserve spatial constraints in a saved search
  • Improved indexing rate for GeoPDF files


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