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Voyager Search 2.0 Release Notes


VG-7567: including GEOTAGGING feature in VOSE license

VG-7549: removing MS Access example (#833)

VG-4673: showing error when adding duplicate web-service location (#830)

VG-7532: merging the text field during snapshot import to single valu… (#829)

Making hq.dex more resilient.
* Making id optional to allow for older versions of the file to load
* Mapping agents by id rather than name to handle different agents with the same name

Making ContentController logging less verbose (typically called when mime type worker is missing for on-demand thumbs) (#827)

VG-7466: Adding index setting for populating centroid field (#826)

Added logic to notify HQ of server settings changes

VG-7469 added a product field to the toc, force NLP licensing to Vose. (#824)

VG-7327: replacing agent id by agent name in agentTransformer (#823)

VG-7454: Making parameter used to query service configurable.

VG-7451: Using IMAGE_URL field just when USE_DEFAULT_IMAGE_STRATEGY (#821)

VG-7454: Making parameter used to query service configurable.

Adds a new config option named "param" to control the name of the parameter.

VG-7451: putting location and bbox to the ContentController call (#820)

VG-7220: Adding "useDefault" param to the ContentController (#819)

VG-7327: Adding agents to the HQSettings. adding AgentNameTransformer (#809)

VG-7443: enabling to use meta.url env variable

VG-7447: registering geo dynamic prefix.

VG-7436: Inluding GEOHASH field in the distributed update hack.

VG-7432: ensuring setup settings reflect default settings.

VG-7432: storing text field by default.

Upgrading to Solr 6.6.5

VG-7429: Support placefinder settings for flex index.

VG-7279: Index CKAN even if version cannot be determined (#808)

VG-7364: Resolve full path to archive (#807)

VG-7342: Upgrading jackson

support for federation & shard urls in suggest component instead of gathering those urls in navigo / manage ui (#803)

VG-6860: Adding doc id to the hq stream request (#804)

VG-7283: handling shards in analytics track api.

Encoding date to string when sending to solr.

VG-7367: case insensitive lookup for license type

VG-7346: Exit when an exception is catch in the outer block (#802)

Removed unnecessary CAD categorization

VG-7324: adding server name to VOYAGERINFO

VG-7316 fixing missing meta xml files in the snapshot (#799)

VG-7224: applying centroid to all entries in the entry tree.

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