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Voyager Search 2.1 Release Notes

About This Release

We're happy to introduce Voyager Search version 2.1. This minor release includes improvements and bug fixes.

Key improvements include:

  • Duplicate Data Report and Display Template
    We’ve improved the way that we show exact duplicates in Voyager. The new tabular presentation groups together the MD5 hashes of the documents so that you can see what clusters of the duplicate documents together — even if they have different names or come from different locations. Additionally, we’ve added a new processing task to generate a duplicate data report complete with a calculation of the number of duplicate records and the percentage of the index that are duplicates.
  • ArcMap Integration
    Open in ArcMap was experiencing problems with layer files. This has been corrected.
  • New Pipeline step
    A new pipeline step makes it easy to update changes to the properties field.


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